About Patent Finder

With Patent Finder, you can search the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database for issued patents and patent applications. Patent Finder conducts its search using the USPTO website and presents you with results in a friendly format.

You can search by title, abstract, inventor, patent number or application number and view pdf images of patents that interest you. You can also save copies of the pdf's for offline viewing.

To retrieve your saved patents from your iPhone, you have the option of emailing the patent as an attachment or using any computer on the Wi-Fi network shared by your iPhone.

While viewing a patent document, rotate your iPhone sideways for widescreen viewing of the document.

Please feel free to send in suggestions for any additional features that you would like to see. Enjoy!

Version 1.2 - Released on July 5, 2009

Downloading saved patents by Wi-Fi was helpful, however with this upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0, you can now email your saved patents.

From the Saved tab, you now have the option to view, email and delete patents.  While viewing a patent, you have the option to email it.

Version 1.1 - Released on May 27, 2009

Wish you could view your saved patents from a computer?  Patent Finder now includes the ability to export your saved patents.  You can export your patents using any computer on the Wi-Fi network shared by your iPhone.

To export your saved patents, please open a web browser on your computer and go to the Patent Finder website on your iPhone (e.g.

For the correct url, please go to the "More" tab and look under "Export"; or click the "Export" button on the "Saved" tab.

Version 1.0 - Released on April 27, 2009

The first edition of Patent Finder approved by Apple and released into the App Store.